Sunday, 18 July 2010

Never Mind the Buzzcocks dream lineup

After extensive internal debate, it seems important that I relate to you, my blog readers, the results of my Never Mind the Buzzcocks ultimate dream line up.

If you're not familiar with Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I'm not too sure what to tell you that wikipedia can't. If you like music, and you find British humour funny, then chances are you will enjoy this show.

The Dream Line Up:

Host: Simon Amstel
Panel 1: Jeremy Clarkson, Phil Jupitus (captain), EITHER Rhys Darby (manager from Flight of the Conchords) OR some disposable member of a boy band (see Antony Costa below)
Panel 2: David Tennant, Noel Fielding (captain), Gwen Stefani

I picked Clarkson and Tennant as panel members because, although they were guest hosts, Amstel is just too good at being host to not do it:

Panel 1 was the most difficult choice. Jupitus is captain because he has appeared on every single episode of the show, and he's hilarious too. Clarkson is also on his team because, although it seems doubtful he knows much about music, he and Jupitus had great chemistry when he was host and when Amstel snarks at him, Clarkson will just get upset and wave his hands around like an injured buffalo ( -- would not let me embed). The third choice was the toughest, because it's always wonderful to have a boy band member to be whipping boy, but Darby has a great accent and is very very funny:

Panel 2 was the easiest, and will certainly be the prettiest, choice. Stefani because, why not, she's never been on and I'd love to see her there. Fielding because he's my favorite captain:

And Tennant because of this, my favorite clip from any Buzzcocks episode ever:

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