Sunday, 17 April 2011

LoDo picture tour

This weekend was Doors Open Denver, which is a weekend (same as in many other cities) when various buildings open their doors and let people in for free, and there are lots of other free activities around the city. In addition to seeing a number of buildings, N and I went on a photography walking tour around the LoDo/Union Station area. The walking tour started around 5:45 and the sky got very dramatic in the background, making for some great photography light.

N waiting in the big seats at Union Station for the tour to start.

This Rockies fan on the way to the game got right in the way of my picture of the Oxford Hotel sign.

Denver's B-cycles, which are bikes you can check out (like the Boris Bikes in London). We get really excited whenever we see someone using them.

The front of Union Station, one of Denver's oldest buildings, which first opened in 1881.

I quite liked this building. 

Looking up 15th Street -- an interesting architectural mix.

Reflections in the Gates Building.

A building on 15th St, I just liked the name :).

Artwork and meters on that same black brick building from before.

And more artwork.

Outside the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Reminds me of Carhenge.

I was considering flipping this on its side...

I liked the different textures in this.

Old railroad bridge over Cherry Creek.

Flowers in bloom.

Rust texture on the bridge.

Looking up Cherry Creek.

Public art and another bridge over 15th Street.

This particular mural reminded me of the Danse Macabre.

Big white doggy and his friend outside a restaurant near the Millennium Bridge.

A sign directing you to important Denver locations near the Millennium Bridge.

Light rail train!!!

Ominous skies.

Construction near Millennium Bridge.

Looking across the construction for the renovation of Union Station to Coors Field, where a Rockies game versus the Cubs was in progress.

Looking back towards Downtown Denver from the Millennium Bridge (with construction and a light rail train in the foreground). The building in the back left with the curving top is where N and I worked in the summer of 2k4.

Some random urban knitting by the Union Station construction site.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rockies Calendar

    And various other things. Velocity graphs and such.
    Johnny Herrera has to get on base... right?
    I kind of feel like the Rockies are doing that thing right now where they literally cannot lose.
4:15 pm
    How did Johnny Herrera hit a home run? What is going on? I feel like someone changed the calendars that the Rockies use so that they say September.
4:16 pm
    Yeah I have no idea what to tell you. Even Trenck is baffled. And yes, I agree that it feels like someone flipped the calendar, but hopefully the calendar is just six months of September. And then a Rocktober.
    I want to make and market that Rockies-themed calendar, hahahaha.

This is my new business plan.