Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Over Memorial Day, N and I took a road trip, but that's not the point of this story.

We listened to and talked about a lot of music. One song that came up, as we were driving up Independence Pass between Leadville and Aspen, Colorado, was "All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem. This is one of my favourite songs ever. Why?
1. I identify with the feelings in it a lot.
2. It employs a musical technique that I think of as "building", where the song starts off slow and fills the listener with anticipation for the payoff. And I'm a huge sucker for songs that do this.

Have a listen:

As we were driving up the pass, N and I got into an argument about whether or not that song actually employs the technique of "building" as he seems to think that the song carries on in exactly the same way throughout, presumably because he is actually deaf and/or has no appreciation for music. On the off-chance that you suffer from the same problem(s) and agree with him, I direct you to his blog, which has better pictures than mine. I'm sure you'll find a safe place there.

HOWEVER. Cue today, when he and I were reading a number of articles about our mutual obsession, the Arctic Monkeys, and their new album "Suck it and See", and he came upon this one, where lead singer Alex Turner explains each song on the new album. This is what Alex has to say about the last track on that album:

It’s a bit like '505’ – that tune on the second album, where it’s just two chords all the way through and we’d wanted to do a tune like that again for a while. There’s loads of good examples of that like that LCD Soundsystem 'All My Friends’ tune.
It’s just the two chords that build and build. 

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