Sunday, 6 June 2010

Someone is wrong on the internet!

I know I should never, ever read internet comments but sometimes I just can't help myself. My eyes drift downwards, past the bottom of the article* and onto some comments, and I get sucked in... and sometimes I see one so incredibly dumb that I think it deserves an award... so get ready for a heady dose of anti-scientific, anti-British, anti-intelligence.

The original story was this one, about how Easyjet, in conjunction with Airbus and a Norwegian scientist, have come up with a new type of detector for volcanic ash. The video is kind of terrible (the male presenter is a huge jackass), just to warn you, but does feature a bag of tephra (awesome!).

Then some... thing... calling itself ephrim wrote this comment:
Quote"This pioneering technology is the silver bullet that will make large scale ash disruption history"Unquote Chief Executive Andy Harrison. Has it ever occurred to the
Brits that this new technological discovery is the very thing is what caused the erruption in the first place? give or take a few modifications. I would strongly suggest that the British Authorities and whoever else is involved in this new discovery should go back to the drawing board and think this one over and when they have done that I think they
should sit down with BP and realize that there may be ONE common denominator in
this ointment!!! Oil Bloody Blaaah Da.
and think this one over less

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding


*Luckily this never happens on youtube, because there is no scrolling involved. THANK GOD.

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  1. I completely agree. Though, despite that - or perhaps because of it - I'm drawn to commenting as a potential research option, or part of one. Seriously - people who would never write otherwise suddenly spewing text out in overdrive. Fascinating. And appalling.