Friday, 4 June 2010

Sometime in the late 1940s, a famous British automaker realized that it needed a marketing tool for their newest class of vehicle. Ultimately their plan would -- if it ever could be included in history books -- go down as one of the most ambitious and groundbreaking ad campaigns ever devised. It is all the more shocking, coming from the poor financial situation of immediate post-War Britain, but such was the vision of designer Maurice Wilks.

The creation of an entire island, and subsequent stocking of it with a hardy race chosen from death matches fought in secret Scandinavian and Irish stadiums, was only the beginning. Historical documents were faked and academics paid off to devote their lives' work to so-called "Sagas"; meanwhile crack teams of stealth geologists poured baking soda down enormous man-made earthen cavities and installed vinegar jets to periodically cause "eruptions".

Sixty years later, and we are learning the ultimate folly of creating a volcanic island in the North Atlantic populated by a super race solely for the purpose of marketing Land Rovers -- but the adverts still look great.

Just one of the many amazing Land Rover adverts produced by this team.

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